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Why use an architect in Marrakech

Do you feel like having a beautiful house built in sunny Marrakech? Would you like to renovate an old riad to create a charming guest house in the heart of the medina, but do not know how you go about it? Would you like professional support? Before rushing headlong into works, consult an architect in Marrakech!

Why call upon an architect in Marrakech?

Would you like to build the house of your dreams, the project of a lifetime, in or near Marrakech? A well-thought-through project is not to be taken lightly because, like any real estate project, it is risky and provides its fair share of surprises.

An architect is a construction professional who works with you to realise your dreams in terms of construction, but who is mainly there to guide you and give you all the information to make the right choice.

Be aware that hiring an architect is compulsory if your project requires a building permit, typically for new constructions, renovations, alterations and developments in urban and suburban areas. Without an architect approved project blueprint,, you will not get a building permit and you will have to start your project from scratch all over again.
This building professional holds the keys to your project. The architect designs the plans of your home, its layout and guarantees its feasibility. He or she has many legal, technical and administrative skills that could well facilitate things later in your project. Although essential during the design phase, once building works have commenced an architect need not be involved.

How to choose your architect in Marrakech?

Choosing the right architect in Marrakech and elsewhere is no easy task because many professionals fancy themselves "architects" in the sense of "interior designers" but, in fact, are not recognized as such by the national authorities. There are no state diplomas to become "interior designer" unlike conventional architects who are graduates of state institutions and whose profession is highly regulated.

Finally, the architect receives a fee equal to about 5% of the budget of your home building. This rate may drop to 4.5% under certain conditions and much lower for "social" or state subsidized constructions.

All that’s left now is for you to find your architect in Marrakech!
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