Garden landscaping in Marrakech

How to landscape a garden Marrakech

Are you tired of seeing dull garden? Are your grounds a bare wasteland? Would you like to create a designer garden in Marrakech? Here are some tips to help you create your dream garden that you will enjoy throughout the year!

DIY Garden design

In Marrakech, not all residents enjoy a huge garden for lounging or creating an extraordinary space. Many have small areas to be arranged to make the most of the almost permanent good weather with which the red city is blessed.

If you have a small garden, a few useful tips will allow you to give it more volume and make it bigger First, consider the structure to create multiple, well-defined spaces. Use light coloured slabs or gravel to line the aisles. Point them always to the most distant point to create contours and forms to give the garden even more depth.

White is a colour that gives size to interiors and exteriors but it is not the colour of Marrakech. Prefer the "red ochre" range with pretty pots or planters adapted to your needs. Professionals often advise to put a large mirror on the wall in back of the garden, or in one of the aisles if you are lucky enough to have several, to create a new feeling of space and depth. Remember to place your mirror so that you do not see yourself in it when you are in your garden.

The last point to remember when you want to create your own garden design is to pay attention the layout of your garden furniture, which can create perspective & depth. For example, a long bench against a wall gives an impression of length. You must choose garden furniture appropriate for the size of your outdoor space. Do not put large, imposing garden furniture if you only have a few square meters. Instead, choose for example a small wrought iron table and two chairs.

Professional landscaping in Marrakech

If you do not have a green thumb, or if gardening in not your cup of tea, you can always hire a landscaper in Marrakech. Landscape architects are at your service to create the garden you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Their main role is to advise you. Be aware that many people make the mistake of setting plants or shrubs they love without taking into account the plants needs, the climate or exposure. This is why a landscaping contractor can help you make wise choices by bringing to bear their expertise and knowledge in the field of landscaping either in Marrakech or throughout Morocco.

Whether you decide to landscape your garden in Marrakech yourself or to hire a professional, in the end, you will finally enjoy a nice outdoor space!

Garden landscaping in Marrakech Marrakech professionnel landscaping