Architect in Morocco

How to work with an architect in Morocco

Would you like to a have a beautiful home built? Would you like to renovate your house or your riad to create a new room or give it a facelift? Are you in need of an architect in Morocco? Here are some tips to guide you in your choice!

The work of an architect in Morocco

In the design phase of a building project either for the construction of a house or its renovation, you will need the services of an architect.
The architectural profession is regulated by law in Morocco. This law provides customers and professionals alike a legal framework in case of problems. The services of an architect are compulsory for the realisation:

The use of an architect is compulsory in urban and suburban areas as defined by law. Outside of these areas, the use of an architect is not compulsory.
Contrary to what some customers may think, the architect’s fee in Morocco is governed by strict rules. For the building of individual houses not funded by state aid, the minimum applicable fee is 5% of works excluding VAT. You may see 4.5% of ex-VAT on certain projects but in most cases it is indeed 5% of the global works generated.

The tasks of an architect in Morocco

The tasks of an architect are numerous. He or she allows you to carry out your project either for the construction of a property such as a house, a building or the renovation or improvement of a riad.

His or her first role, before even getting into the thick of the subject and starting any construction work, is to advise you, to find solutions adapted to your needs, your project and of course your budget. Upon acceptance of your project, he or she will then draw the plans to be submitted for building approval.

The advantage of calling upon an architect’s service is that he or she also assists you in all your administrative procedures (getting your building permits, negotiation with contractors, quotes study ...) and directs you to contractors, suppliers & professionals he or she knows. In addition to his or her advisory role, he or she must also ensure the optimization of the cost of your work and the delivery of your project. The architect can also take on the role of prime contractor or construction manager, supervising it on a daily basis.

Calling upon an architect in Morocco will allow you to complete your project or renovation. He or she can be your one stop shop, listen to you and give you the best advice to help you make wise choices and reduce costs, precious help when embarking on the realization of such a project. To find an architect meeting your expectations, you can contact the Ordre National des Architectes du Maroc (Rabat, Moulay Ismail C5 Washington Square Residence), or ask your friends and acquaintances for a recommendation.

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