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Interior Design Marrakech

Marrakech is a colourful city, teeming with life and glittering with red earthen hues, trademark colours of the Medina. The Red City is famous worldwide for its beauty, charisma and especially its relaxed lifestyle of luxurious simplicity, provided for by highly skilled craftsmen. How to create your own Marrakech decorations? Here are few to help you in your research and make your home a little palace straights from the Tale of Arabian nights.

Where to find your Marrakech decoration?

If you come to Marrakech, you will probably want to bring home some small decorative items to beautify your home and give it a small and chic, oriental note. You can find decoration all over Marrakech whether in small stalls of the Medina sooks, the shops of Guéliz new town or large local branded outlets. Explore and choose a solution that best suits you! It pays to know that the sooks are often the best option for originality and price.

Go sooking!

The sooks are probably the best place to treat yourself and find decorative elements to your liking. You will find hundreds of small stalls for great finds: candles, candle holders, decorative fabrics, wood carvings, accessories, tadelakt (very smooth plaster) ... Remember to negotiate prices as this is an ancient tradition and will sometimes save you quite a lot of money.

Reuse & Recycle!

Outside the sooks and trendy boutiques of the city centre, other unusual venues can provide great quality, such a the Bab Khmiss flea market, a huge market where it is not uncommon to find real treasures of craftsmanship past or present, especially if you like antiquing, rummaging for and revamping quality furniture, doors, stairs,  to give them a new life. Prices are very interesting and negotiating is compulsory to uncover unique treasures at the best prices.

Dare the "Marrakech Chic" style.

Marrakech has its own style of living, its own philosophy of life, as you can see on display in the decoration of the many traditional riads. The city sees itself in colour, especially red ochre tones which dominate the local landscape. Colours run the gamut from red to orange through yellow and purple. You'll never have a dull day with Marrakech colours providing energy and the right frame of mind every morning. Tadelakt coating for interior walls is very trendy, dyed to your taste and highly resistant to moisture. You can use it to revamp a bathroom or put a touch of colour in your living room or bedroom.

Once you have chosen your dominant colour such as red or orange, you will need to associate it with noble fabrics and materials to develop a design that reflects Marrakech values and blends authentic and modern touches with perfection. Choose quality materials and experienced craftsmen for original woodworks,  one-of-kind wrought iron or even different kinds of pottery.

Styling Marrakech will hold secrets from you!

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