Landscaping in Marrakech

How to choose a landscaper in Marrakech

Would you like to revamp your garden or provide it with all the sparkle it deserves? Would you like to hire a landscape architecte in Marrakech but do not know how to go about it? Here are some tips to help you make the right choices and find a landscape architect worth his or her salt!

A landscaper for my garden!

Finding a landscaper is no mean task, especially when looking for a quality professional who can meet your expectations and requirements. There are many professionals and companies offering this type of service. Their number has risen sharply in recent years, both in Marrakech and Morocco. Making the right choice is becoming more difficult although word of mouth is often the best way to find your that pearl of talent!

To choose a landscaper for your home garden in Marrakech, we recommend you bear in mind the few following points to avoid any misunderstandings, especially unpleasant surprises that may occur over the delivery of your project.

Check reputation

It is easier to trust a well established landscaper, recognized in Marrakech, rather than an unknown who might, after all, equally meet your needs and realize the garden of your dreams. Professional reputation gives you some indication of the seriousness and the work quality of landscaper. This awareness helps you in your choice even if other criteria are also important.

A professional for your needs

A landscape needs human competence but also technical know-how to assist in its creation, in the implementation of your concepts. Depending on the size of your garden and how much work needs doing, select a contractor who will be able to provide both the manpower and the technical skills. Small jobs can be performed by two or three people with limited means but if you need your ground to become hilly or make larger works, additional technical resources will be needed.


Contrary to what some customers may think, it is not their role to design the garden by contracting a landscaper. The professional landscape architect takes into account the customers desires, advises them and guides them towards a harmonious garden adapted to the city where it is built.


Pricing is one of the most important criteria in choosing a business or a professional. It is strongly recommended to see several landscape contractors in Marrakech and ask for detailed quotes and read them item by item or area by area to get an overview of the quote and check it matches your budget. Carefully measure value-for-money of each option to determine the best one.

And of course, seek affinity!

When hiring a professional, it is clear a certain affinity with them will help them understand exactly what it is you want. Affinity will also be an essential criterion in choosing your landscaper in Marrakech, on par with reputation, price or design.

Happy hunting for your landscape contractor in Marrakech!

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