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Morocco Landscaper: Making the right choice

Would you like to enjoy your pleasant garden all year round? Would you like to create your garden or restore it to its full splendour? Would you like a beautiful garden but do not have a green thumb? Employ a landscape architect in Morocco.

Morocco Landscaping: Understanding the business!

A landscaper or landscape architect is not a simple gardener. A gardener takes care of the plants, but does not organise space or create a coordinated layout. The landscaper designs gardens but gathers no earth to his hands. He finds practical and useful solutions for his or her clients so they can have the garden of their dreams. Contrary to what one might think, the landscape architect profession is partially regulated in Morocco despite the lack of legal framework or recognition as in other countries. There is nonetheless a non-profit association of landscape architects (Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Maroc) that brings these professionals together and showcases their skills.

These professionals also collaborate on local public and private large-scale projects. The most talented landscape architects partake in national and international tenders or competitions, in fields as diverse as peri-urban development, rural planning or renewing degraded areas, but most of them often make their bread and butter with private and individual projects.

Landscaper compensation is not regulated by law, but freely negotiated at the first meeting with the client. An estimate is issued, which the customer can accept or refuse. Most customers prefer a fixed fee which is clear, precise and less of a constraint on the budget.

Landscaper Morocco, a source of advice

Landscapers have a certain taste for nature in general and plants and botany in particular. Landscape architects also enjoy working outdoors because most missions are outdoors in all four seasons. Come rain or shine, they must be on the ground to ensure realisation follows their customer requirements. They are often very strict and conscientious in their work as a beautiful garden should always be dressed to the nines. This is a job serving customers, so landscapers must have strong customer relationships management skills.

One of the landscaper’s main missions of is to conduct a thorough study of the clients’ garden or outdoor space to find solutions tailored to the customers’ resources and vision. In particular, this study must take into account all the characteristics of the land such as its exposure, its nature and select well suited vegetation. Laying plants anywhere, with no overall view, is a recipe for disaster. Some customers often forget to select plants or shrubs adapted to their land, which is why they often suffer surprises like trees that do not grow or plants that fade quickly.
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