Having something built in Marrakech

How to build in Marrakech?

Would you like to indulge yourself and live happily under the Red City sun? Would you like to settle here or simply have a nice little holiday home built to relax when you have a moment? Here are some tips that might be helpful in making this decision to build your house.

A house in Marrakech!

Since the early 2000s, a rising number foreigners of all nationalities, European and French in particular, are settling down in Morocco and especially in Marrakech. In recent years, the city has expanded in all directions with the creation of a small satellite town, trendy malls and outlet centres, and many buildings have replaced the old villas of the city centre. Many new residential neighbourhoods have also emerged.

It must be said that the city has almost everything going for it: good weather almost all year round, at least 300 days a year, a unique, laid back lifestyle and residents who are friendly and open to both holidaymakers and foreign residents. Immediately upon arrival, you will feel at home in Marrakech. What more could you ask for? Just a nice villa, full of charm, which suits you and meets your expectations and those of your family.

Some tips for having something built in Marrakech!

Before you settle down and build in Marrakech, it is advisable to start by finding a rental from which you can take get to know the city and see if it really suits you. Your presence, or that of a trusted representative, is necessary to get all the paperwork done and then monitor the progress of your works. After a few months, you can then decide to have the home of your dreams built just minutes from downtown.

You will first need to find a plot on which to build your house. This is the first step before construction and many professionals will tell you that this is probably not the easiest step. Land, connected to water and electricity or not, has become a rare commodity in Marrakech. For roughly 100 000 euros, you will have to look at plots 15 or 20 kilometres (10-15 miles) from the city. You will have many hours of driving to explore the surrounding areas that you like before you find that gem, the land of your dreams. Popular locations at the moment include Route de Fès, Route de l'Ourika and Amizmiz.

Building in Marrakech is much cheaper than in the US or Europe. It costs an average of MAD 4000 (about 350 euros) per finished square meter, excellent value for money. It is highly advisable to hire a large local construction company to avoid unpleasant surprises and have appeal venues in case of disagreement. Take your time to read all the fine print of the contract that binds you with this contractor and remember to ask clear and precise delivery date with compensation payment in case of delay.

Building in Marrakech as elsewhere is not easy but in the end, you'll have the satisfaction of starting a new life under the sun!

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